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Soy Milk Noodle Soup (Kongguksu) 콩국수

Soy Milk Noodle Soup, Kong-guksu, 콩국수

Soy Milk Noodle Soup (Kongguksu) 콩국수

How about overcoming summer with a bowl of cool and Soy milk noodle soup in the summer tired of the heat?
beans have long been loved as a source of protein by the common people, and Soy milk noodle soup is the protein and fat of soybeans.
as it is, it is a food that can protect them during the summer when sweating a lot. Today, I will make bean noodles that can be easily made without soaking beans. especially, it is a more savory bean noodle recipe with nuts. let’s make it together.


1 Cup Dried Soybeans (3 Cups Water + ½ tsp Salt)
8 oz Thin Noodles (12 Cups Water + 1 tsp Salt)
2 Cups Water
½ tsp Salt
Some Cucumber (For Garnish)
Some Tomatoes (For Garnish)
1 handful of roasted almonds,
1 handful of walnuts,
3 tablespoons of sesame seeds,


Wash soybeans thoroughly and place them on a sieve, Put the washed beans in a pot and pour 1 liter of cold water to boil, after the beans are floating, boil them for 12 minutes. place the boiled beans in a sieve and put a bowl with cold water under it. the bean husk is removed by rubbing with both hands, and the bean husk floats on the water. REMOVING THE BEAN HUSK MAKES THE BEAN BROTH MUCH SOFTER WHEN YOU LATER GRIND IT IN A BLENDER.
nuts are roasted almonds and walnuts. the whole sesame is good because it gives off a savory taste grind boiled beans and 700ml of water in a blender, add nuts and sesame seeds to grind.

when 1-liter water is boiled then add noodles and boil for 5 minutes, after that add 1 cup of cold water.
Take cold water and rub the noodles with both hands to remove the starch. rinse several times. When it ready, add the noodles and pour soy milk on top of what you prepare before and Garnish with cucumbers and tomato.

This is the fabulous Cold Soy Milk Noodle Soup to their liking. which is probably a good amount for each big bowl of serving.

Tips & Notes:

Kongguksu will not taste as good if it’s not salted enough. Use good quality salt, add the right amount (1/4 tsp per 2 cups of soy milk) and make sure you stir it well so it is fully distributed in the soup. I assumed 1 tsp sea salt for the recipe nutritional calculation. Serve with spicy kimchi or side dishes like oi muchim (Korean cucumber salad). Also, Korean fried chicken wings should go great! Kongguk or homemade soy milk will keep fresh in the fridge for 4-5 days. You can also freeze it and use it again later.


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