The Lunch Food recipes

Wellcome to The Lunch Food

My name is Waqas, I live in Berlin and My blog “The Lunch Food” is about easy and very delicious foods that are easy to prepare. but the taste you will get is unforgettable.

My recipes come with step-by-step picture guides and detailed instructions to help you to develop your taste and your skill in your kitchen.


What I would like to say

Cooking with me is easy. No long lists of ingredients, all food can be bought in the classic supermarket. My step-by-step pictures are intended as a guide and if there is anything special to consider, I will of course mention it. I know how annoying it is when you get involved in a new recipe, waste precious time and ingredients and it doesn’t work.

The preparation times given are guide values because peeling and slicing are quicker with some than with others. But it’s also a question of how you are on the day 


I believe that good food should be simple​

I let you participate in my cooking art, sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy, and sometimes juicy. I want to inspire you and show you that cooking doesn’t always involve a lot of effort. On the other hand, it tastes much better than a ready-made meal, it’s just a nice feeling when you have prepared a meal completely yourself! Try it out and let me share your results.