Bee Sting Cake Recipe (Bienenstich)

bee sting cake

Bee Sting Cake Recipe Bee Sting Cake is considered a classic in many countries and kitchens around the world. This recipe is made with a sponge cake batter. Ingredients for 8 servings Flour 250 g Icing sugar 180 g Eggs M 4 Backing Powder 4 Pk Vanilla Sugar 1 Pk Milk 6 Tbsp Ingredients for […]

American Cheesecake

American Cheesecake recipe, food recipe,

Ingredients for 8 servings 30th Pc shortbread 80 g butter 50 g sugar Ingredients for the filling 900 g Cream cheese, double cream setting 250 mg Sour cream or sour cream 250 ml Whipped cream 6th Pc Eggs 300 g sugar 1 Pc Lemon, juice from it 1 Tbsp Vanilla extract 2 Tbsp Flour Recipe preparation For this American Cheesecake, […]