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Green Day Power-Smoothie

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How to Make Healthy Smoothie

Give brown bananas another blender chance after they have come this far. The darker, the sweeter the healthy drink with apple and cucumber even becomes.

Ingredients: 4 Glasses

  • 2                Small Bananas 
  • 1/2             Cucumber 
  • 1                 Apple 
  • 1                 Handful Ice cubes 
  • 250 ml      Liquid (e.g. butter or almond milk, mineral or coconut water) 
  • tbsp       Honey, Maple Syrup, or 5 Dried Dates 
  • Green Superfood or Matcha Powder 


Peel 2 small bananas. Wash 1⁄2 cucumber and 1 apple, core the apple. Cut the prepared ingredients into pieces. Puree with 1 handful of ice cubes in a blender, mixing in approx. 250 ml of liquid (e.g. butter or almond milk, mineral or coconut water). To sweeten, mix in 2 tablespoons of honey, maple syrup, or 5 dried dates (without stones), depending on your taste. Add green superfood or matcha powder as desired.

Nutritional info:

1 portion approx:

  • 70 kcal
  • 2 g protein
  • 1 g fat
  • 14 g of carbohydrates



After your Smoothie – Have a Healthy Breakfast – Stay Healthy.

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