Easy Chicken Barbecue Recipe

Easy Chicken Barbecue Recipe

Easy Chicken Barbecue Recipe: Easy Chicken Barbecue Recipe helps you prepare mouth-watering, flavorsome, and juicy charbroiled chicken to satiate your barbecue craving and As always I found for you from one famous restaurant easy chicken barbecue recipe. How you can make Barbecue Powder at home – It’s a really easy chicken barbecue recipe with the […]

Vegetarian Pizza with Cheese

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Vegetarian Pizza Ingredients: For 4 People (2 pizzas) 400g Flour Sugar Salt 1 cube (42g) Fresh Yeast 5 tbsp Olive Oil 1 can (s) (425ml) Peeled Tomatoes 1/2 bunch Thyme Black Pepper 1 can (s) (425ml) Corn 1 Red & Green Pepper (approx. 300g each) 1 Onion 150g Sheep Cheese 50g Black Olives Cayenne Pepper Flour […]

American Cheesecake

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Ingredients for 8 servings 30th Pc shortbread 80 g butter 50 g sugar Ingredients for the filling 900 g Cream cheese, double cream setting 250 mg Sour cream or sour cream 250 ml Whipped cream 6th Pc Eggs 300 g sugar 1 Pc Lemon, juice from it 1 Tbsp Vanilla extract 2 Tbsp Flour Recipe preparation For this American Cheesecake, […]

Shakshuka, Israeli Breakfast

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Today I have for you a delicious Shakshuka Israeli Breakfast, Vegan eggs, gently poached in a hot, spicy vegetable pan. Made from simple ingredients that you almost always have in the house. (Shakshuka) is a healthy breakfast from Israel and other parts of the Middle East, but it is also very tasty at other times […]

Cheese salad with chestnuts and mushrooms

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This autumn cheese salad is quick and easy to make. Chestnuts, bacon and mushrooms give the spicy Gruyère an additional twist. ingredients Cheese salad with chestnuts and mushrooms For 2 Person ½onion 50g frozen chestnuts, thawed before use 40g Mushrooms 30g Bacon cubes salt pepper ½ fret chives 1 tbsp mustard 2 tbsp Sunflower oil 1 tbsp […]

Fried Vegetables and Parmesan

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  Eggplant, Mushrooms, and peppers make the Mediterranean salad a pleasure. In this recipe, I will explain to you step by step, how you can prepare the exactly. Ingredients the Fried Vegetables and Parmesan: 200g  brown mushrooms200g  Cocktail tomatoes1  aubergine2  small red pointed peppers1  small clove of garlic7  tbsp olive oil2  prizes sugar3  prizes salt3  […]

Healthy Vegetable Spread

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Healthy Vegetable Spread Recipe Ingredients for 300g 2 carrots1 paprika½ onion½ clove of garlic1 tbsp Gold butter200 g Farm Cream Cheese HerbsSalt & PepperParsley as desired  Preparation: Peel the carrots and onions, remove the core from the peppers. Then cut into small pieces. Press the garlic clove or work it into very fine pieces. Sauté the […]